About AIRR Knowledge

Mission Statement

The AIRR Knowledge Commons mission is to make data and knowledge about adaptive immune receptor repertoires, receptor gene polymorphisms, and receptor specificities freely, easily, and publicly available in a unified fashion to facilitate cross-cutting, cutting-edge research about the antigen recognition system of the adaptive immune response and its role in health and disease.

Our People

Site Investigators

Lindsay G. Cowell
AIRR Knowledge Commons Principal Investigator
VDJServer Site Investigator

Bjoern Peters
IEDB Site Investigator

Felix Breden
iReceptor Site Investigator

Krishna Roskin
IRAD Site Investigator

Gur Yaari
OGRDB/VDJbase Site Investigator

Corey Watson
University of Louisville

Knowledge Architects and Engineers

Scott Christley
VDJServer Technical Lead

Brian Corrie
iReceptor Technical Lead

William Lees
OGRDB/VDJbase Technical Lead

Kevin Burns
IRAD Technical Lead

Nina Blazeska

Randi Vita

Eve Richardson

James Overton
Knocean (IEDB Contractor)

Ryan Kennedy
VDJServer Contractor

Project Management

Pam Borghardt

External Advisory Committee

Christian Busse

Charlotte Dean

Steve Kleinstein

Nina Luning Prak

Richard Scheuermann